and why we were all going


Category Poetry

Publication July 2017

Special Gift Edition: Limited print run of 200 individually signed and numbered.

Williams’ poems collected in this pamphlet are all from a singular perspective, but that perspective is not fixed, it is fluid. The work is experiential and immediate like the scribblings on hundreds of pages of a journal, the words within which have been torn up reduced and compacted. Compressed with language over and over again. Each poem is a small but intense gift, written for and about loved ones, friends and family. Life encoded by being pared back to understatement then wrapped in humour and hyperbole.

In his poetry comfort and turmoil lie as entwined bedfellows - like a Blacksmith he has beaten the words into submission, hammered them into surreal shapes that conjure trolls and old coats into a bizarre miasma of memory. Not only is it the work of a Bard, it is a paean to life, to loss and to the burgeoning awareness of one’s own mortality ... this work could only have been written by a man who has learned life lessons, brutal and uncomfortable though they are, and has come to peace with them in all their ugly beautiful truth
Michelle Dooley Mahon

Deceptively easy flowing reading, skilfully applied, illuminates great ideas hidden deep in Ferryside's shoreside pools. In these pages there is much and plenty to ponder
Kevin Connolly

Evocative and playful, burrowing deep into the mysterious liaison that exists so profoundly between people and place.
Rachel Tresize

Williams understands that writing is not only an intellectual pursuit; it comes from and appeals to not just the head but also the guts and the muscles and the lungs and the gonads and the blood. In other words, he gets it.
Niall Griffiths