Bubblegum Zine


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Welcome to the first ever printed issue of ‘bubblegum zine’: your guide to lesser-known Ukrainian music, be it underground, indie, experimental, or any other kind of invisible. For two years, it’s been a web-only initiative of one music writer, Olena Pohonchenkova, but here you’ll also find other voices, one of them of Ania Tykha, speaking in quirky visions that go so well with the ‘bubblegum’ language: light and bouncy, precise yet soft — the one we learned by listening to lots of good music!

The Russian war against the Ukrainian people continues, but Ukrainian underground culture is evolving at the speed of light. With this zine, we wanted you to discover it yourself: by reading about the latest releases, getting to know Ukrainian musicians through spontaneous talks and providing selections of important records by independent experts.