Feathers Scattered in the Wind


Category Poetry

It's hard to remain indifferent to Feathers Scattered in the Wind. Tony Kendrew has the knack of placing the reader within the poems so you live them. It might be a visit to a beach in Wales or breakfast at a California cafe, the sudden passage of a peregrine or a night in the desert. Not only do you live them, you may come away wiser than you were before; the poems find meaning in everyday sights and situations, exploring connections between the outer landscape and the inner world. Nuggets of insight are scattered throughout.

The collection draws together reflections on the people and places of the two poles of the poet's life, Northern California and Wales. The first includes a series of seven outspoken poems in praise of the river that runs through the valley he calls home: Seven Views of the South Fork River. The second includes responses to his recent year living and rambling in and writing about West Wales. In many poems our attention is drawn to the beauty and immediacy of the natural world – encounters with wildlife, rivers in flood – or the human world – the effect of a painting on the viewer or a piece of music on the listener.

The poems of Feathers Scattered in the Wind let loose from the page and communicate.

These poems exist without command, as do the moments and landscapes. The poet, like any respectful rambler in the countryside, has not interfered but displayed the poems as he has found them, with an effortless finish.

Georgia Carys Wiliams Wales Arts Review

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