Rum Dark Nights


Publication July 2017

Special Gift Edition :  Limited print run of 200 copies individually signed and numbered

Melanie Perry’s poetry is rooted in the land and uses language in
a way that enables her to investigate the complexity of nature and
the people who inhabit it. Her language is both pleasing to the
ear and inviting to the mind. The invitations to explore the world
offered by the estuary upon which she lives she has accepted
creatively, metaphorically and physically. Mel has become a poet
and performer with a pan-European reputation to the East and
West of Wales and she will shortly have a bilingual collection
published by the Swedish publisher Magnus Grehn Förlag. This
pamphlet is a handful of touchstones from a variety of times and
contexts in Ireland, Wales and Sweden.

The poetry in Mel Perry’s debut collection Rum Dark Nights is not written merely in response to the landscape it is of the very rock from which her words are hewn. Words which, gently sculpted, polished and refined, retain the dependability and trustworthiness of that rock.
Mel has the ability to focus on a detail in nature that could have remained a blur to the reader until she, like the visual artist, clarifies and refreshes the eyes of the onlooker.
Jane Belli

Mel Perry's work contains strongly-textured images from the natural world and vivid images from the world of human interaction. Both spread across a spectrum from the thoughtfully perceptive to the deeply rhapsodic.                                    Robert Nisbet